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Social Welfare Policy and Services


Institutionalism is the study of the origins, implications, and possibility of improving the functionality of institutions. Institutionalism introduces the perception that institutions, which may be political, social or economic, provide a valuable platform for human interaction. New institutionalism particularly underscores the interplay between the institutions and the society; it aims at developing a sociological view of institutions. One of the principal assumptions is that institutions exist within larger institutions, commonly referred to as the institutional environment. Institutions must ensure that integrity and legitimacy prevail in their operations besides being sensitive to the needs of the broader environment for them to survive. Institutions exist in a space where the interests of various players, including the individual, government, and the social welfare, collide. Consequently, each of the players must find a way to accommodate the demands of the other if the institutions will co-exist. It is important to note that social the society is always at the center of all human undertakings, which is the reason private and government institutions should align their interests with social welfare. By developing such alignments, the larger environment is able to move towards the achievement of shared goals, which are mainly of social interests besides improving the interaction between the institutions and the humans (Dolgoff& Feldstein, 2013). Read more


An Experiment to determine Regeneration of Pineapple (Ananus comosus) from its crown more efficiently in water, rich soil or sand


Pineapple was initiated in America and was unfamiliar to individuals of the ancient world prior to America discovery. It is an edible tropical pant and a good source of vitamin C and manganese. It is propagated vegetatively by suckers, slips, hapas and crowns (O’Connor, 2013). The average production of the conventional material is between four to five propagules per annum that takes significant time to produce sufficient planting material. The importation of the conventional material for direct planting by farmers is costly and may not meet the requirement of quarantine (Mauseth, 2014). The producers of pineapple are found all over the world. Nonetheless, Thailand is the main producer of pineapples. Moreover, pineapple is produced in other nations, for example, Malaysia, Brazil, Indonesia, China, and Malaysia. This experiment determines regeneration of pineapple (Ananus comosus) from its crown more efficiently in water, rich soil or sand Read more

Self-employment and Sustainability

The Main Body Thought and Piece

I have always been interested in determining the best approach to accumulate wealth. The most effective approach according to the position taken by researchers in this domain is getting employed or starting a business organisation. This approach to getting rich has been reliable since the prehistoric times. Currently, the world is struggling with poverty especially in the third world economies where most people are classified below the poverty line. How can these people get out of that poverty? This has been my concern when analysing the concept of sustainability from a global perspective. The idea of business start-up dates back to the mid-20th century but the events that involve business start-up can be traced back to the middle ages (Wolff and Nivorozhkin 2012). In the contemporary business settings, a start-up in most cases involves technological inputs, and a business idea is converted into a small business organisation that is designed to convert the technical idea into a business outcome (Lloyd-Jones and Rakodi 2014). Read more

Demographic changes in Texas

Population growth in any society not only has an impact on the numbers but the diversity and culture. Immigration and a relatively high birth rate are instrumental factors in population growth. This is clearly manifested in the population of Texas. The favorable business environment, abundant natural resources and the availability of land are some of the attractive factors that attract immigration, both local and international. The prosperity experienced in the state of Texas is also an attractive factor especially for families and those who want to start families, fueling the high rate of local immigration from the other states in the United States. Read more

Diagnosing Relational Problems


In the recent developments in the field of psychology, relational disorders have been given much attention and priority. These are problems that emerge in the life of individuals due to strained relationships. Such strained relationships do not only break the bonds of the relationships, but also affect the involved parties both in their personal behaviors and external association with others, causing extreme levels of stress and bourn-out. As for psychologists, it becomes extremely important to have proper approaches in handling such problems especially relational problems. In particular, these days families have faced many challenges, and as a result the evolving norm is turning to be one of stressful experiences and painful relationships to the extreme cases. When handling family and couple problems one should be more cautious in developing strategies that will strive toward offering solutions and practicable approaches to help restore family relationships (Patricia, 2001). Read more