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In the past, there weren’t many essay writing services. The concept of paying for someone else to do something for you – something that you are already paying to learn – is foreign. Still, when you risk losing a scholarship simply because you could not finish your assignment, you can’t really be choosy.

Still, if you are already paying for this kind of service, you might as well get something that is worth the money. Based on feedback, we have decided to ascertain whether is worth it or not. Here is my feedback on Pro-Essay-Writer.

The Services Provided caters mostly for college students majoring in English, but you may also take advantage of their services if you are in high-school or post-graduate. Their focus is only on academic writing – so if you are looking for something that is not an essay, you won’t have much luck here.

There are less than 10 service sections, and these do not include things such as business writing or career writing. Most of the services of this type offer resume or copywriting services, but according to customers’ and professional reviews, academic writing is about all you can get. For that reason, the rating of this website is significantly lowered.

The Quality of the Text

For someone who claims their texts are the “best on the Internet,” the quality of their writing is fairly low. This can be for two reasons: one is that the writers are sloppy and just don’t care about what they write, or they are simply not native in the English language.

As a result, the texts were riddled with sentence errors, grammatical mistakes – and even a few typos. This could have been resolved if they at least used a grammar-correction program, to catch at least the most obvious problems. Most customers that ordered from Pro Essay Writer apparently had the same problem.

Plus, there was also a problem with not respecting the word count. The paper that we have ordered from them, for instance, was short 200 words. We found this very inconvenient, considering there are professors who place great importance over carefully respecting a deadline.

Prices, Benefits, and Discounts prices are within the average of the industry, and you can even get a few good discounts out of the collaboration with them. These fees will change depending on the deadline that you choose and the level of the paper.

For example, a high-school level essay with a 7-day deadline will cost you much less than a graduate-level paper on a 24-hour deadline. The choose writing styles based on your level so that your professor won’t see anything wrong with your paper.

The problem, however, is that even the high-level paper can get low-level writing – which means that the prices are not actually worth it. If the writings were at least average, these prices would have been worth it. However, considering that you’d have to pay for an editor to fix them, even the promo code and coupon codes are not actually so worth it.

Plus, we were even more disappointed to realize that there weren’t actually any freebies in the mix from Indeed, we have seen mentions of free revisions, for which the testimonials also attest to. The problem with these revisions, however, is that you have to prove the paper did not respect your requirements – which may take a bit of convincing.

They do offer title pages, bibliography, and free formatting – but in our opinion, that is something no paper should be left without. What is advertised as a “freebie” is something they are supposed to do in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Our opinion of Pro Essay Writer is not really that good. Perhaps if they focused more on proofreading their texts, they would have much widespread success. This way, however, we only feel like we are overpaying for something that we could have done better ourselves.

If you are a student, you might want to avoid this service. Sure, it’s legit, and it won’t scam you of money from your credit card – but when you think about the quality of the writing, you could say you are actually scammed of a good grade.

Pro-Essay-Writer review

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